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Further Education Leadership Programme

UKIERI Further Education Leadership Programme is developing leadership and management skills of Further Education Institutes/organisations, enabling them to build the systems and processes necessary for their future sustainability.

There has been increasing reforms in Indian further, vocational and technical education and greater autonomy is being given to institutions. This requires a significant shift in institutional management, process and skill set.

In 2013, UKIERI commissioned Dudley College to collaborate with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to develop the first leadership programme for senior staff and aspiring leaders of polytechnics, vocational and technical institutions across India. The programme is designed to set up mechanisms and systems to build institutional capacities and at the same time support the training of individuals.

The programme is being delivered in National Institutes of Technical Teacher Training and Research (NITTRs) Chennai and Chandigarh. NITTRs have been entrusted by the Government of India for promoting teacher’s training and curriculum development; and are best placed to develop as Centres for future Leadership Training programmes. The institutional framework of NIITRs provides both sustainability and scalability to the UKIERI Further Education Leadership programme.

The leadership programme has been contextualised to Indian technical/ vocational education sector and includes face to face training workshops, online support and specific project work. The programme also has an assessment element that gives delegates the opportunities to put the lessons learned during the training into practice into their organisation, allowing practical implementation of the skills they have developed.

A key element of the leadership training is empowerment of delegates to enact leadership change within their institution. Each delegate will have the opportunity to carry out an assessed project as the result of the training, and formal recognition of this will be the key success metric of the project.

It is expected that 250 senior staff, directors, principals from polytechnics, engineering colleges and vocational institutions will be trained on leadership and management skills by March 2016.

Focus Areas

  • Leadership & Management skills
  • Strategic Planning& Governance
  • Modernisation of the Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Internationalisation of Skills
  • Quality Enhancement and Assurance
  • Financial Management and Planning
  • Change Management
  • Industry and Employer Engagement
  • Performance Management

“Programme was really an eye-opener and provided an opportunity to different teaching method understanding, leadership types and its specific use as to where and where not it should be applied.”

FE Leadership Participant

“The best part was that the Dudley team spoke only of what they had already done and thereby proved that planned change is doable and extraordinarily effective.”

FE Leadership Participant