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Invitation to Tender – Training Agency for UKIERI Higher Education Leadership

About UKIERI Higher Education Leadership Programme

Higher education in India is reforming with every passing year. Teacher learning is becoming more digital in approach, moving from classroom teaching to reaching to the students through online modes of learning. In addition, strategy planning for institutional growth, revenue generation, foreign collaboration, and internationalisation of course curricula and industrial partnerships are increasingly becoming important areas for the development of world class institutions. Effective leadership is a prerequisite for dealing with the complexities and challenges of higher education in India.

To address this need, UKIERI in partnership with MHRD and the University Grants Commission (UGC) aims to conduct a series of workshops on leadership development that provide the core knowledge and skills required to become an effective leader, and so increase the leadership development capacity of higher education institutions in India.

The programme will have a collaborative project model that will include sharing of best practice in academic leadership and management through on-going collaboration, joint workshops, seminars and exchanges.

If you are interested do register on the tendering portal https://in-tendhost.co.uk/britishcouncil. In order to be able to bid the interested bidders will need register on this portal.

The deadline to raise any queries related to the tender is 03 November 2017 – through the portal only. The bids also have to be uploaded on the portal ONLY.

Deadline for this tender is 13 November, 2017, 1400hrs Indian Standard Time.