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National Workshop on Quality Assurance and Accreditation

UKIERI in partnership with National Board of Accreditation and the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India brought together over 200 participants for a two day workshop on Quality Assurance and Accreditation on 12-13 May in New Delhi. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the prevalent accreditation practises followed by India and internationally with focus towards the model used by the UK.

The two day sessions covered best practises on the current accreditation models - both institutional and programmes related and the challenges that the state and centre need to address for quality enhancement in institutions.

Session 1 Session 5
Dr. H. Ranganath Dr. Renu Batra
Dr. Melinda Drowley Mr. Amit Shukla
Ms. Carolyn Campbell  
  Session 6
Session 2 Dr. Nibedita Jena
Dr. D. K. Paliwal Dr. S. Dasgupta
Prof. Ashok Saxena Ms. Magono
  Prof. A. Balasubramanian
Session 3 Prof. T. Thyagarajan
Dr. A. S. Pant  
Prof. P Jayaprakash Rao Session 7
  Ms. Malyaj Varmani
Session 4  
Dr. D. K. Paliwal