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Study India Programme

UKIERI Study India Programme is a flagship programme contributing towardssupporting inward mobility of UK students to India. The aim of the program has been to raise student’s awareness of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society as well as encourage student mobility amongst youth in UK.The programme has enabled undergraduate students from UK universities and colleges to visit India for three weeks to gain experience of Indian culture, way of life, people, arts, politics, economy and language and explore for further study or work in India.

Study India Programme was structured around three phases- Cultural Immersion, Academic orientation and Work placements and was majorly implemented in two metros viz. Delhi and Mumbai.The programme has been delivered since 2010 by external delivery partners - King’s College London, University of Birmingham and most recently by Indogenius. The programme in previous years also garnered additional funding and support from Tata Consultancy Services which catapulted the overall impact and outreach of the programme.

Each of the phases of the programme provides a unique experience to students to learn and understand about the various facets of India. Through the Cultural Immersion phase, students witness cultural and traditional activities, visit holy places etc which provides them the historical and cultural context of India. The academic orientation phase delivered in partnership with University of Delhi, acquaints these students about academic life in India. The students participate in various activities at different colleges, engaging with peers and honing their understanding of the educational system of India. The last phase of the programme provides a unique opportunity for students to intern with diverse companies, corporates and NGOs to experience the way of professional life.

The students also visit Mumbai which is the economic capital of India, furthering the student’s experience of a diverse multi-faceted country like India. On their return to the UK, the students visit UK schools and colleges to disseminate their learning and experiences as ambassadors. The students will also engage online and network with other young people in the UK, to communicate the need to be Global Citizens.

1120 students have participated in the programme since its launch in 2010. The programme has made a valuable contribution to the strategic UK-India relationship by raising awareness and importance of India within the UK, training a new generation of ambassadors, about the opportunities India offers to British graduates.

Over 99% of students on the UKIERI Study India Programme have indicated their desire to return to India—most to work or study.129 students completed a project, such as an essay or film upon their return to India. Some of these projects even included business plans.